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Merritt Recruitment is the number one choice for recruitment within Chemicals, Life Sciences, Coatings, Polymers Personal Care & Cosmetics. We firmly believe that our unique combination of commercial & industry experience plus the breadth and quality of our network from over 30 years in academia, industry and through membership of professional bodies gives us the edge. ​

This combination guarantees we can offer you access to a wide choice of suitably skilled and experienced candidates when you need to source new talent. Often these will be individuals you won’t find on any job boards.

Our expertise also ensures we can support you at every step of the recruitment process to ensure a successful outcome for all.

Meet Our Team

Our founder, Laura Merritt is a PhD qualified chemist with an extensive network of contacts, who regularly talks about key issues within the chemical industry.

Jeremy Clarke received his PhD in Microbial Biochemistry and has developed his commercial experience selling capital equipment, research services and consumable goods in the chemistry, life science, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Industry Expertise

Merritt Recruitment has worked extensively in the chemical industry, in technical, commercial, and scientific roles. This gives us a deep understanding of every stage of product development and ensures we understand the combination of technical competence, sector knowledge and soft skills that candidates need to have to work within the sector. This understanding includes:

    • Synthesis & Formulation

    • Testing & Analysis

    • Regulation & Compliance

    • Technology Transfer & Scale up

    • Production & Quality Control

    • Commercialisation & Marketing

    • Technical Support

    • Sales & Key Account Management

    • Business Development

    • Supply Chain & Logistics

    • Sustainability

    • C-Suite & General Management

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are passionate about promoting equality and diversity throughout the chemical industry and genuinely believe that a fulfilling and inspiring career in chemical science is available to everyone who wants it! Our founder is a PhD qualified chemist with an extensive network of contacts, who regularly talks about key issues in the chemical industry.

Why Merritt Recruitment should be your recruiter of choice

Peace of Mind with End to End Recruitment Support

  • At Merritt Recruitment we work with you right from the very start of the recruitment process and support you all the way through to offer and acceptance. Our end to end service includes:

  • Creating a job specification and job description tailored to your specific role using our insider knowledge.

  • Advertising support if required, written to elicit interest from the most suitable individuals.

  • A search of our extensive network of candidates, both active and passive jobseekers.

  • Market research to ensure we can correctly position your roles to give you a clear advantage in competitive markets.

  • Robust screening interviews using our chemical industry knowledge to assess candidates - guaranteeing we only shortlist the most suitable.

  • Candidate interview preparation, including practice questions and interview techniques.

  • Creating a candidate shortlist of individuals with the specific skills you require for each role as well as those who will be a good cultural fit for your organisation.

  • Support throughout the interview process for both you and the candidates.

  • Support throughout the offer stage.

If you've got a role to fill in the Chemicals, Life Sciences, Coatings, Polymer or Personal Care & Cosmetics industry, please connect with us to register your vacancy.