Recruitment isn’t rocket science, it’s harder!

Posted on 11 April 2024

Recruitment within industries such as chemicals, coatings, life sciences and personal care has always been tough due to the relatively small pool of available candidates. So, when that pool is hit by other factors, reducing its size even more, recruitment becomes nigh on impossible and extremely time consuming.

In our latest article we look at the very tangible benefits of recruitment partnership for organisations hiring in this pool. Sharing the successes and challenges with a specialist with access to those hard-to-find candidates and a deep understanding of your industry can make a huge difference to your time to recruit, and the continuity of productivity and growth within your business.

We are members of the REC (The Recruitment Employment Confederation), who have confirmed the landscape of the UK workforce is changing with the key industry influencers being an aging population and a much-reduced non-UK-born workforce. Here’s some key stats from their recently published Aim High Guide to Recruitment Partnerships

Summary of Labour Shortages
  • Aging population with 1 million more workers in their 50s than their 20s

  • Growth in the non-UK-born workforce is 90k lower per year.

  • There are 600k fewer young people in the labour market than a decade ago.

  • Lower migration means growth in the non-UK born workforce is 90k lower per year since 2016.

  • ONS statistics show there are more people with long-term health conditions preventing them from being economically active.

  • For the first time in more than 3 years our labour supply post-pandemic is decreasing.

“In a challenging labour market, the strength of a good partnership with a knowledgeable recruitment partner is fundamental to help businesses of all sizes
find the people they need to deliver business growth and stand out from their competitors.”

REC Aim Hire Guide 2024

The Key Benefits of a Partnership Approach to Recruitment

1.    Starting the Conversation: Empathy & Influence

Finding candidates is an important and time-consuming process however the real challenge is achieving positive candidate interaction particularly if an individual is not actively looking.As a high-profile recruiter, Merritt Recruitment has industry credibility with a professional and approachable outlook. We can provide sound career advice and be knowledgeable about progression within a client’s organisation.

Our consultants have held roles in different parts of business, whether in R &D or managing sales teams.We understand that candidates may need to have several years’ experience and specific industry knowledge to successfully contribute to your business, but equally we can identify the next generation of talent too.

2.    Selecting the Best Candidates

Our consultants have direct insight into what makes an individual stand out from others when exploring suitable candidates. We know through many years of both recruiting and working within our industries of focus what clients expect in terms of education and experience. With careful screening and hard-won experience, we will identify people with the ideal profile.We take the time to promote the role and the company; essential to ensure we catch the interest of prospective candidates and encourage them to apply.

3.    Interviews and Offers

Over the years, we have seen the best candidate fail to secure an offer, typically due to a lack of interview preparation.With individual support and guidance, we help each candidate to prepare effectively, ensuring the best possible experience for both parties. Supporting everyone through the offer stage is then key to a successful placement. We can advise clients on the current market rates to ensure an initial offer will be accepted.Should the first round of interviews not produce the right talent, we will continue the search until the role is filled.We understand how important it is to appoint the right person, not just for their experience, knowledge, and skills but also for their personality and cultural fit with an organisation.

4.    Successes & challenges

Partnership is about sharing the successes and the challenges. Ultimately recruitment is all about people and they do not come with a guarantee.As your partner we accept that we are part of the decision process and offer rebates on the rare occasion a placement does not go smoothly. It is a matter of pride that our partners have ongoing support throughout the onboarding and probation periods.


In conclusion, successful recruitment in chemicals, coatings, life sciences and personal care demands more than surface-level understanding. It requires a partnership with a recruiter who comprehends industry intricacies and can access the often-hidden top talent. With the UK workforce evolving due to aging demographics and migration shifts, such partnerships are becoming crucial. Our empathetic approach ensures successful placements, supported by meticulous selection processes.

We work with both international organisations and SMEs in manufacturing, research, formulation, services, sales and distribution.These organisations require highly skilled, qualified professionals who can adapt to a challenging economic climate, provide solutions to changes in legislation such as Carbon Zero and make an immediate impact on the business.

We're committed to shared success and enduring partnerships. Let's continue navigating recruitment together, achieving mutual success in an ever-evolving landscape.
If this sounds like something that would make your recruitment an easier process to manage then we would be delighted to speak with you.


The REC Aim Hire Guide is designed to help businesses of all sizes and sectors make well informed decisions when procuring recruitment services whether for permanent or temporary positions. The guide will demonstrate the value that a strong recruitment relationship can add and contribute to a better understanding of how you can maximise the benefits of the industry’s unique positioning, knowledge, and professionalism.

See the full REC Aim Hire Guide:

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