Is the Best Recruitment Strategy Quality over Quantity?

Posted on 30 September 2023

​Recruiting the right talent is critical to the success and growth of any business and the debate between the quality and quantity of CVs is an important one. It’s influenced by various factors such as the specific needs of the organisation, the specific jobs, the current job market, and the resources available to manage the recruitment process. Both quality and quantity play crucial roles, and a balance between the two is often ideal.
This article explores the pros and cons of each approach:
Quality over Quantity:

Quality is the by-word of professional recruiters and, undeniably, hiring companies are looking for a pre-screened shortlist of candidates who can all ‘hit the ground running’.

Using focused hiring with the emphasis on quality means employers prioritise candidates who closely match the job requirements. This can lead to better long-term hires who are a good fit with the company culture and are more likely to stay and perform well. Investing time in carefully evaluating and interviewing fewer, higher quality candidates can result in cost savings over the long term, as turnover rates may decrease.

Reviewing a smaller number of well-qualified CVs can save time for recruiters and hiring managers, allowing them to dedicate more attention to each candidate. A selective approach can enhance an organisation's reputation as a company that values quality and is committed to finding the right candidates.

Challenges of a Quality-Centric Approach:

Several challenges can arise by using this approach, as relying solely on quality can limit the pool of potential candidates, especially in niche or specialised roles.

·       Finding and assessing high quality candidates can be time-consuming, particularly if there's a shortage in the market.

·       The hiring process might take longer due to the meticulous evaluation of fewer candidates, potentially affecting the speed at which roles are filled.

By focussing on quality it may be a challenge to source a diverse list of candidates from a range of social, educational and cultural backgrounds.

Quantity over Quality:

When does quantity become an important factor for employers and recruiters alike?

Casting a wider net can help you identify candidates with diverse skills and experiences, which could lead to unexpected but valuable additions to your team. A high-volume approach can speed up the hiring process, ensuring that vacant positions are filled quickly. By having a larger number of candidates, you are better prepared if your first-choice candidate declines your offer or are not suitable after further evaluation.

Challenges of Quantity-Centric Approach:

Handling many CVs can be overwhelming, time consuming and might lead to overlooking quality candidates amidst the volume.It is anticipated that AI could be involved with sorting through numerous CVs but then your organisation will need to invest in the technology and the people to manage that technology too. Rushing to fill positions with a quantity-focused approach can lead to mismatches, resulting in higher turnover rates, and increased costs to hire.

Balancing Both:

Striking a balance between quality and quantity is often the most effective approach. You can achieve this by:

·       Clearly defining job requirements and focusing on attracting candidates who closely match these criteria.

·       Using technology such as an applicant tracking system (ATS) to streamline the CV screening process.

·       Implementing preliminary assessments, like skills tests or video interviews, to efficiently evaluate candidates' suitability before committing to full interviews.

·       Setting up clear benchmarks for evaluating CVs and candidates.

Fine Tuning Your Recruitment Strategy

Ultimately, the approach you choose should align with your organisation's goals, the specific job roles, and the available resources. In many cases, a mix of both quality and quantity considerations is necessary to ensure successful and efficient recruitment outcomes.

At Merritt Recruitment, we're committed to delivering the best search and selection process that balances quality and quantity. Our approach is tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring that every vacancy is filled successfully and efficiently.

If this article has given you food for thought, we would be happy to have a chat to discuss the best approach for your business.

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